Sync your call data in Salesforce with WannaSpeak

WannaSpeak’s integration with Salesforce allows you to synchronise call information. This way your sales teams can view and analyse data from your different marketing campaigns (such as sales channels, lead activities and other information about your callers).

Integrating customer data within a single application is essential in order to optimise your sales cycle.

Our seamless integration enables you to enrich, qualify and monitor your prospect base more efficiently. So, you can have more time to focus on high value leads and gain insight into your customers’ buyer journey.

WannaSpeak integration with Salesforce

Configuration options

  • As soon as a call is made via a tracked number, we check if this person’s number already exists. If it is a new contact, we can add it as “new lead or trail”. If the caller is already in Salesforce, we then add the call to the activity of the relevant record.
  • You have the option to synchronize call data both at the start of the call and when it ends or only at the end of the call.
  • Moreover, you can define the type of information you want to collect. For example, you may only want to include calls that are beyond a certain time threshold.
  • In addition, a number of variables are associated with the calls made via WannaSpeak numbers (duration of the call, url, etc). You can also integrate this information in Salesforce according to your requirements.

Creating trails

Creating trails in Salesforce

Call details Call details in Salesforce

Creating new data trails and specific parameters

When you select this option, we create a new data trail, if we do not find an existing match with the caller’s number. Here you can customize a number variables:

  • You have the option to assign default values to newly created leads. When a new trail is created, each of these values will be automatically assigned in Salesforce: status / source / owner of the trail.
  • You then can customize data fields for each new lead within Salesforce so that WannaSpeak can correctly input the call information: calling number, date, duration …

If you want to learn more about our call tracking and call analytics solution, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to give you a free personalised demo.

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