Is your organisation prepared for GDPR?


The May 25 deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching and several SMBs in the UK think that it will not impact them because of Brexit. In fact, according to the Federation of Small businesses the majority of them (90%) are not ready for the new data rules.

Why…? Because, many UK businesses probably assume that data protection laws will be less demanding than those in Europe. However, the reality is that “scrutiny of data protection practices might be more stringent in the UK than in other countries because the UK has already committed to tighter security”.

GDPR will affect all kinds of businesses that process personal data of individuals resident in the EU, regardless of their size. These changes aim to protect and strengthen the privacy of individuals when it comes to actions such as collecting, recording, using and processing their personal data. Therefore, companies need to respect the new rules and gather, handle and protect personal details in a transparent way (including call data). Otherwise, they can face fines of up to 4% of their global turnover.

Can you really afford to lose this customer information and take a hit on your company revenue? This is an opportunity to provide a better customer experience and get a 360-degree view of your customers. By taking some key steps to align your data privacy policies and processes, you can ease the transition to GDPR compliance and mitigate the risks.  

How WannaSpeak can help you

WannaSpeak offers a range of voice-based solutions that can assist your organisation with GDPR compliance allowing you to:

  • Obtain opt-in consent from your prospects and customers via DTMF, automated SMS and calls. These options are easy to set up and enable you to verify marketing consent faster and in a more cost-effective way especially during an audit.

  • Clean up your data and enrich your existing customer database by running re-permission ad campaigns using our call back service (the opt-in prompt can show up via a pop-in / pop-out box).

  • Choose which calls to record and include an automated message to ensure that your clients have been notified about the privacy policy of your organisation and have given their consent before recording takes place.

  • Seamlessly sync your call data with your CRM system so that your business can safely protect and retrieve customer data.

  • Have access control so you can allow only authorised staff to permanently delete all call data that concern a specific individual (if requested).

Time is running out – act now!

Call us on +32.471.020.597 today to assist with your GDPR compliance preparations. We’ll be happy to give you a free personalised demo and discuss about the specific needs of your company.  


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