Why WannaSpeak

Our comprehensive solution includes call tracking, call back and click-to-chat services as well as detailed reporting. Plus, its seamless integration with the most reputable analytics tools and CRM systems (Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot) offers you a 360-degree customer view. Most importantly, there are no hidden fees or surprises.  As our flat pricing model helps you always keep your marketing budget in check!

Turn visitors into buyers

Creating a personal link between your website and your business allows you to increase conversion rates by 45%. Don't let your visitors unassisted on your site, turn each visitor into a future customer!

Lower abandonment rates

61% of online users consider that human contact is vital for online transactions. It's essential for your business to reassure customers by optimizing phone engagement and integrating it with other channels.

Access real-time reporting

Our team thrives on a culture of customer excellence and ROI. Through our services, you can immediately see the impact of each of your multi-channel activities using real-time reporting. Gain better visibility into your campaigns via an intuitive dashboard.

key features of call tracking & call back

Real-time call analytics

By displaying different phone numbers for unique campaigns and geographic regions, you can track and analyze online behavior in real-time.

Powerful & flexible support

Whether your business is local or global, WannaSpeak can dynamically replace all your phone numbers and ensure that all calls made on these tracked numbers can then be analyzed immediately. Our network covers more than 40 countries across Europe and worldwide.

Robust rule settings

With WannaSpeak's technology you can set up as many time slots as you want for your click-to-call links and target high-value prospects using our behavioral rules engine (basket value, session timeout, abandoned forms).

Advanced call tracking

Different types of call tracking can meet specific marketing needs helping you identify how customers engage with your brand. Get access to valuable insights about the keywords prospects use to find your company, which of your web pages they visited, and which page resulted in a qualified call.

Instant custom reporting

Gain visibility into which campaigns drive the highest quality leads to your site. Access call analytics via an intuitive customized dashboard.

Easy to implement & personalize

Our SaaS-based solutions are accessible from any location and device allowing you to customize call-back links or click-to-call buttons, integrate your company logo, change colors and record a welcome voice message.

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